Endodontics is a dental specialty for the treatment of the dental pulp affections, namely the nerve and ligaments from inside the tooth. The healthy tooth is not a compact structure; it is made of several layers. The outside is a hard substance, the dental enamel followed by a layer of dentin and the inside is made of a soft tissue, the so called dental pulp.

When the dentist finds a tooth decay or damage by an accident, he will remove the inflamed or infected tissue, the nerve, through an endodontic treatment. The endodontic treatment is carried out in several stages. The first is diagnosis, for which a dental radiography is required. Then follows the mechanical treatment of the root canals, which are thoroughly cleaned and infected parts and the infected dentin is removed. In the end root canals are obturated.

The goal of the endodontic treatment is to eliminate pain caused by the inflamed or infected pulp, so the patient must come to the dentist with highest confidence. The treatment itself is performed under anesthesia so the patient will not feel any discomfort during the treatment session. However, a few days after treatment, it is likely to feel a moderate pain, especially if it was an infection. This sensitivity can be eliminated by using a mild painkiller.


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