Chirurgie dentara dr. Alex Szatmari

The dental implant is an artificial root of titanium, which replaces the natural root of the tooth and insures the support for dental crowns or bridges. The dental implant is recommended when there are no more teeth on the arch or when the remaining teeth are not qualified for a successful dental treatment.

The implant is inserted into the maxillary or mandibular bone through a simple and painless surgical intervention, in a healed edentulous area or after a recent extraction that hasn’t produced large bone destruction.

Then we wait for a period of 3 to 6 months for the connection between the implant and bone to be made (osseointegration) and then the implant can serve as support for the prosthetic work necessary in that area (crown, bridge, prosthesis).

Dental implants can replace one, more or all of your teeth. The quality and quantity of the bone are of major importance. If the bone is initially insufficient, then we can practice a bone adding procedure called bone augmentation. This can be made, depending on the case, during the surgical intervention for the implant insertion or separately.

The following clinical advantages are included: the integrity of adjacent teeth is not sacrificed to mask the lack of a tooth as is the case with bridges, the bone resorption is prevented; patients with removable prostheses can enjoy fixed prostheses; works on implants look just like natural teeth.

Applying a dental implant is an investment for your future and for the quality of your life. New teeth supported by a dental implant will create the same feeling as natural teeth.



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