free dental consultation!!!

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  • The consultation is the most important first step in beginning dental treatments. Although the patient comes to the doctor with certain problems, the consultation reveals other affections the patient is not aware of. We will do everything in our power to prove to you that the “fear of the dentist” is not justified.

Dental implant

350 EURODental implant
  • The dental implant is an artificial root of titanium, which replaces the natural root of the tooth and insures the support for dental crowns or bridges. The dental implant is recommended when there are no more teeth on the arch or when the remaining teeth are not qualified for a successful dental treatment.

Teeth whitening

450 LEITeeth whitening
  • The teeth whitening treatment is one of the most required cosmetic dentistry services, this being a reaction of the increasing importance that the contemporary society is giving to appearance. The tooth whitening degree varies depending on different factors: type of stains, concentration of the whitening agent of the used product, the time in which the whitening agent works on the tooth and the frequency whit which the treatment is repeated.