Dental Crowns – Dental Bridges – Dental Prostheses
There are countless cases in which dental carries are sufficiently extended to destroy a large part of a tooth, without allowing it to be restored by a simple obturation. Dr. Szatmari Alex performs a series of prosthetic works at the highest level.


Dental prosthetics is the rehabilitation of teeth by means of fixed works: facets, crowns and bridges, as well as removable or movable works: total or partial prostheses, skeletal prostheses with special systems, implant prostheses.


When the space remaining empty after the extraction of a tooth is bordered by intact teeth, we turn to implant to restore the incomplete arch. When the patient loses a large number of teeth and for various reasons these cannot be replaced with fixed works, as bridges or implants, we turn to removable prosthetic works that have to be removed after each meal for sanitation.


We use state of the art materials and work with very well trained technicians; this is why we offer you personalized works, remarkable not only from the aesthetic but also from the functional point of view.


We perform:

– ceramic facets;

–crowns and bridges of porcelain on metallic support;
– crowns and bridges of porcelain on zirconium support;
– crowns on implant;
– porcelain works with no metallic support;
–acrylic and elastic total or partial prostheses
– prostheses on implants;
– skeletal prostheses with special systems.



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