Ceramic crowns on zirconium support represent the latest technology in terms of aesthetic dentistry and the most suitable to obtain a white and perfect smile.

Zirconium is exclusively processed by computer assisted milling, requiring sophisticated high precision equipment. The stages for creating the zirconium support require less the participation of the technician, most stages being realized by means of automated systems.

Zirconium crowns are lighter that those on metallic support, so patients get used to them much quicker. This is very important especially when we talk about bridges with many elements. The allergy risk when we talk about zirconium is zero. There are no allergic patients to this material; it is bio-compatible and bio-inert.

There is a trend in the last years in western European clinics, to replace classic metallic-ceramic crowns with ceramic crowns on zirconium support.


4 reasons to choose zirconium

  1. Zirconium is a perfectly compatible material, therefore it doesn’t cause allergies.
  2. It is the only material of which bridges without metal are realized.
  3. The light penetrates zirconium from all directions, the aesthetic of the work being special, the teeth having the perfect natural look.
  4. If, after several years, the gums begin to retract, the white zirconium ceramic is incomparably more aesthetic than a shiny metal screw.


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